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What do the top 1% of entrepreneurs do that truly set them apart?

They design their businesses for wealth creation and freedom. They grow smarter and faster - using acquisitions and systems to scale. They build businesses that achieve life-changing exits.

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Buy Grow Sell Strategies For SME's — Your Roadmap Starts Here

At Buy Grow Sell, we believe you don't have to be big to think big. We understand the challenges of small business, and we have created practical, educational, proven tools and systems. We're here to help SME business owners scale smarter, build lasting wealth, and achieve the freedom you've always envisioned.

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Buy Grow Sell Podcast

Tune into our podcast, where we dive deep into conversations with real business owners sharing their real experiences in acquisitions, growth and exits. Be inspired and get insights from their success stories, mistakes and lessons learnt - and extract practical strategies you can implement within your own business.

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Immerse yourself in our hands-on workshops and insightful webinars with topics ranging from acquisitions, growth strategies, business valuation, legal nuances, market trends and more, our sessions empower you to make well-informed decisions, optimize value, and steer your business towards sustained growth and success.

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COMING SOON: How to Sell Your Business Program

Led by our CEO, Simon Bedard, who also heads Exit Advisory Group, an esteemed Australian M&A advisory firm, The How to Sell Your Business Program offers a direct and effective roadmap for small business owners aiming for a successful business exit. Leveraging our diverse industry expertise and over 6 years of proven exit achievements, we've crafted this personalised program to guide you towards the same level of success.

Real Experts. Real Insights. Real Results.

We are Buy Grow Sell, a platform built to help business scale smarter and achieve life-changing exits. After assisting hundreds of businesses and counting on achieving life-changing exits through our parent company, Exit Advisory Group, we recognised that our wealth of knowledge could benefit an even wider spectrum of small businesses and entrepreneurs. That's when we created Buy Grow Sell. Our mission is simple: empowering and guiding small businesses to scale intelligently, optimise their strategies, and, ultimately, achieve their own remarkable success stories.

Real Experts

Simon Bedard is the CEO of Exit Advisory Group, a boutique firm that provides expert guidance in mergers & acquisitions, exit strategies, and business valuations to business owners. With a background in entrepreneurship, Simon has founded, acquired, and sold companies. He has also worked as an investment advisor for high-net-worth clients and private firms, amassing experience across finance, investment, energy, and technology sectors. Through Buy Grow Sell, Simon is dedicated to helping small business owners learn how to maximize their company's value and achieve their personal and business goals.

Real Insights

Whether you’re tapping into Exit Advisory Group’s years of expertise through our exclusive workshops and program or want to immerse yourself in the stories of those who have been there and done it through the Buy Grow Sell podcast, you’ll always find valuable insights and resources for your business journey. Our insights delve deep into the intricacies of growing and exiting businesses, offering you a clear roadmap built on the experiences of those who've successfully navigated these paths. We only have 2 rules: Keep it real and keep it practical.

Real Results

At Buy Grow Sell, we don’t indulge in motivational speeches and feel-good video content. Instead, we focus on sharing real results and evidence-based advice. This includes real numbers, real wins and, also, real mistakes made – so you are most prepared for when your time comes to plan your next big step in business. Because here is what we truly believe: there are many ways to grow and exit a business. But some are smarter than others. Our goal is to help you sift through inefficient business solutions and have the clarity and confidence to always choose the most effective option that leads to the best outcome for you.

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